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Vendor: Sea Maui Catamaran
Category: Whales / Dolphins
Location: Maui

Set sail on a Maui whale watching tour!

During our winter months (Dec 15th-April 15th) humpback whales migrate down from the cold waters of Alaska to the warm waters of Maui to give birth to and train their calves (babies). Crusie with us as we look for these magnificent creatures and experience them in their natural habitat.

After departing Ka’anapali Beach, the captain and our trained naturalists will search for the most active pods and educate the guests with fun and interesting facts about the majestic Pacific humpback whales. A premium open bar is included.

Maui is the mecca for Pacific humpback whales from about December to April each year. During whale season we operate tours specifically dedicated to the whales. You’ll see whales on all of our trips, but if you’re not looking to snorkel and already made dinner plans then why not just hop on, sit back with a cocktail, and enjoy some whales for the afternoon?

Don’t be shy! Ask our crew members questions! They could talk about whales all day; they enjoy whale season just as much as the rest of the visitors. No matter if you’re seeing whales for the first time, or a seasoned whale spotter, every trip is different and you just never know when you could catch that amazing whale breach photo!

Sea Maui’s open layout makes it the perfect boat for viewing whales! There’s not a bad seat in the house, and you won’t have to battle a hundred other people just to catch a glimpse.

Easy-to-find check-in location at The Whaler’s Village Shopping Center and the only boat with a physical location on the beach. Our kiosk is located along the beach walk at Whaler’s Village between Leilani’s and Hula Grill.

  • The only boat with 4 hours of free parking validation, savings of $20 or more!
  • Exceptional staff & service/certified naturalists for whale watches
  • All crew members are lifeguard and CPR certified.
  • Premium open bar
  • Complimentary juice, water, Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, and lemonade

All of our trips include a full open bar for guests that are 21+ years of age with proper ID.

  • We offer 2 local beers, white wine, champagne, bourbon, light rum, dark rum and vodka. We can create many different cocktails such as Maitai’s, Maui Mules, etc.
  • Our non-alcoholic beverages include a variety of soft drinks, lemonade, passion orange guava juice, and water.

Pregnant or have a Medical Conition?

Typically most healthy pregnant women will not have any issues on our sailing or snorkeling trips. We do always advise that you clear your activities and plans with your doctor before traveling. Although our snorkel locations are typically very calm, certain days you may be required to swim against a current and/or swim to reach the best snorkeling area etc. We do offer many options for flotation and have multiple crew members in the water to assist if necessary.

We do not advise guests with heart or pulmonary conditions to partake in snorkeling. The activity of snorkeling can increase heart rate and make breathing more difficult than usual. This combination can create a very dangerous situation while at sea and far away from any help of EMS or a Doctor. Although every member of our staff is lifeguard/cpr certified, we certainly would prefer to only use those skills in a worse case scenario.Please read our liability waiver before deciding on any trip. If you have ANY concerns while on board please speak with the Captain and they will help make an educated decision about partaking in our activities with you. We want you to have fun! But your health and safety is always our main priority. Sea Maui staff reserves the right to refuse any activity of a guest at anytime.

Guests with mobility issues are strongly urged to consider a boat tour that departs from a harbor or dock. With our unpredictable beach loading conditions, guests will need to be able to make quick movements and react to changing shore break conditions. If a guest is unable to walk onto the vessel unassisted we may need to refuse boarding. Of course we will process a full refund and help with booking a better option. Due to the unique operation of our vessels and the beach loading process we are unable to accommodate wheelchair passengers on our trips. There are many great options from Lahaina Harbor and Maalaea Harbor that can accommodate guests with mobility issues. Mahalo!


Any reservations cancelled inside of 48 hours from the scheduled tour departure are non-refundable. You agree to this policy by creating a reservation.

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